Other Pastoral Services

On a normal Sunday, the Confession is said as part of our service. Confessions may be heard anytime and anywhere. The Reconciliation of a Penitent (BCP 446) is available for all who desire it. During the Penitential season of Lent, there will be specific times set aside for Confessions. Please call the church if you wish to have your confession heard.

At times of Illness
When you or a loved one are sick, please call the church so that the faith community may pray for you. We have no way of knowing that you are sick unless you inform us.  If desired, our clergy will visit you, offer healing prayers and Communion.

At the death of a loved one
If there is enough time and you wish to have our clergy offer ministration and prayers at the time of death, please call the church. The death of a member of the church should be reported as soon as possible to, and arrangements for the funeral should be made in consultation with, the Minister of the Congregation (BCP 490). Please call the church so that the planning and service may be scheduled at an appropriate time.

One should not wait until they are near death to begin the planning. If you wish to make your desires know, our clergy will keep it on file so that your wishes may be honored.

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