St. James Episcopal Church
260 Beaver Dam Road
Brookhaven, NY 11719

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all activities on our campus, except for our worship services are suspended. Masks are required at all times. You are also invited and welcome to join us for worship via Zoom.

St. James is a mission congregation of the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island. The Episcopal Church is one of the 41 Provinces that make up the world wide fellowship of churches known as the Anglican Communion.

The Right Reverend Lawrence C. Provenzano, Bishop of Long Island

The Right Reverend Geralyn Wolf, Assistant Bishop

The Right Reverend Daniel Allotey, Assisting Bishop

The Right Reverend William Franklin, Assisting Bishop  

The Staff & Leadership of St. James

The Reverend Hickman Alexandre, Vicar

Carolyn Walsh, Organist

Faith Donohue, Parish Administrator

Bishop’s Committee

Dawn Herrmann and Sharon Smith, Wardens

Doreen Vaz, Treasurer

Ted Anderson, Kamala Browne, Judy McCadden

Tracy Rentz McLeod, John Ryley, Walt Thomas

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